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Smart street lights are more than just lighting fixtures

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Smart street lights are more than just lighting fixtures


With the development of the economic level, the construction of the city will inevitably be promoted. At night, the buildings in the city will all wear bright coats, adding a beautiful and vitality to the dark city.

From computers to smart phones, from robots to soaring cars, more and more black technologies have now entered people's days, and now smart street lights are now showing their talents in major cities. I do n’t know about smart lights full of technology. , Then it's low. So how is the smart street light controlled? The simplest lighting control is to turn on and off the lamp. After the relay is turned on and off, the light is darkened. The intelligent street light control system is composed of a node controller installed in a street light pole or lamp holder, a centralized controller installed in each street or regional electric control cabinet, and a data processing center.

Street light pole smart street light system can be completed according to preset conditions: energy saving benefits, maintenance cost benefits, cut off the single lamp circuit waiting for inspection and repair. Defects in individual street lights can be actively identified. Repair personnel can directly locate and repair according to the street light number, eliminating inspection operations, saving time and effort. Using the street intelligent remote control system, all working parameters (active power on and off time, area division) can be determined at any time in the management terminal according to the power consumption situation, and all working parameters can be set and activated at any time.


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