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Talking about the choice of materials for making traffic sign poles

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Talking about the choice of materials for making traffic sign poles


Talking about the choice of materials for making traffic sign poles

  The traffic sign pole is made of excellent steel, and the technology is the first. The material of the traffic sign pole is made of excellent seamless bamboo pipe, probably Q235 and Q345, which are made of excellent transcription steel. Strong wind resistance, high strength and large load carrying capacity. The whole pole adopts one-time bending technique or flange splicing technique, and the device is more convenient and sharp. Traffic sign poles are nominally degreased, phosphated, and hot-dip galvanized. The service life is at least 20 years.

  The appearance of the traffic sign poles is selected from the open-air electrostatic spraying technique, and the colors are in harmony with the surrounding conditions. According to the requirements of depositors and surrounding conditions, a variety of styles can be selected, and the sharpness is capricious. The pole body is bent and formed once by heavy machinery. The appearance is round, regular hexagon, regular octagon, etc. The surface of the pole of the traffic sign pole is hot-dip galvanized to stop the anti-corrosion solution. If necessary, it can also be used according to practice Conditions, use of spraying techniques to stop nominal decoration. The plastic spray means that the name is beautiful and there are many colors to choose from.

  The anti-corrosion solution for the traffic sign pole steel rod is selected from the hot-dip galvanizing on the front and back. The process of galvanizing has passed the process of pickling, hot-dip galvanizing, disassembly and washing, phosphating and passivation.


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