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Structural features of traffic signal poles

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Structural features of traffic signal poles


Traffic light poles are also known as traffic lights. Traffic signal poles are an important part of traffic signals and an important framework part of road traffic signals.

1. Basic structure: road traffic signal poles and sign poles shall be composed of vertical poles, connecting flanges, modeling arms, mounting flanges and embedded steel structures.

2. The vertical rod or cross arm adopts straight seam steel pipe or seamless steel tube; the connecting end of the vertical rod and the cross arm adopts the same steel pipe as the cross arm, welded to strengthen the protection of the plate; the vertical post and the foundation adopt the flange and embedded Bolt connection, welding reinforced plate protection; the connection method of the transverse arm and the end of the vertical rod is flanged, and the welding reinforced plate is protected;

3. The welding seams of all welding positions of the pole and its main components shall meet the requirements of the standard. The surface shall be smooth and smooth. The welding shall be smooth, smooth and reliable, free of defects such as blowholes, welding slag, false welding and missing welding.

4. The pole and its main components have lightning protection. The non-charged metal of the lamp is formed as a whole, and is connected to the ground wire through the ground bolt on the housing.

5 The pole and its main components shall be provided with a reliable grounding device, and its grounding resistance shall be ≤10 ohms.

6. Wind resistance: 45kg / mh.

7. Appearance treatment: hot-dip galvanized and plastic sprayed after pickling and phosphating.

8. Traffic signal pole appearance: equal diameter, tapered, reducer, square tube, frame.


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