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How do smart street lights reduce costs?

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How do smart street lights reduce costs?


    Because of the limited energy resources around the world, the energy problem has always been a major problem facing humankind. The installation and use of smart street lights will achieve true energy-saving lighting. In life, I believe it is not clear to many people how smart street lights reduce costs? The staff of smart street lights will give you a detailed explanation below.


    1. The intelligent control function of the smart street light management system can prolong the service life of the bulb. The realization of on-demand lighting can reduce the working time and life of the load lamp and extend the life of the lamp;


    Smart street light

    2. Smart street lights can reduce energy consumption. The intelligent control system can automatically adjust the lighting brightness of street lights according to road traffic conditions and lighting conditions to ensure that the lighting brightness meets public lighting standards and avoid excessive lighting. Intelligent adjustment generally saves energy over 40% and up to 80% in certain environments to achieve energy-saving lighting;


    3. Smart street lights can reduce maintenance costs. The street light management system supports remote control of public lighting. Monitoring, remote signal, remote view, remote adjustment, real-time monitoring of street lamp operation, converting the manual detection mode of ordinary solar street lamps to system active alarms, improving the daily operation and maintenance quality and efficiency of street lamps, reducing detection labor costs and vehicle operation and maintenance costs.


    Smart street lights will replace traditional solar street lights as the main force of smart city lighting. Reducing costs is the basic function of smart street lights.



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