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What are the benefits of solar street lights

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What are the benefits of solar street lights


1. Environmental protection and energy saving Compared with ordinary street lamps, they are driven by electricity, while solar street lamps rely on solar energy storage.

2.Durable direct current of durable solar street light is converted into pulsating constant current power source by pulse modulation. There is no resistance current limit, high power supply efficiency, minimal loss, greatly reducing LED heating, reducing LED light attenuation, and extending LED life to 36,000 hours, that is, More than 10 years. For ordinary street lamps, the AC power is converted to DC regulated power supply through the rectifier device, and continuous DC power is provided through resistance current limiting. The power supply efficiency is low, the loss is large, the LED light is severe, and the light decay is large. The typical life is 1- 18,000 hours, that is 3- 5

3. Safety When installing, maintaining and using solar street lights, the extremely low power supply has no danger of electric shock and is not easy to be damaged, while ordinary street lights have high voltage, are not easy to be damaged, and have great safety risks

4.Maintenance cost The maintenance cost of solar street light is much lower than that of ordinary street light.

There are still many benefits of solar street lights.

One is that solar street lights use solar energy, renewable energy, energy saving and environmental protection.

The second is that solar street lights are low voltage and relatively safe to use, generally 12v 24v 36v. Ordinary street lights are 220v.

The third is: it is directly installed, without buried wires, it can be used after installation. Now solar street lights will not use buried batteries. The batteries are all on it.

The fourth is: there is no need to pay electricity bills. Generally, regular manufacturers have a two-year warranty period, and you do not need to pay electricity bills within two years. Still a good deal. However, it will be more expensive solar street lights.


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