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Precautions for using smart street light controller

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Precautions for using smart street light controller


    What are the safety issues to be paid attention to when using smart street light controllers?


    Use it in a fixed position. Do not use it on the center console. The inverter is usually heavy. If it is placed on the center console, it is easy for people to get their hands or break the windshield. Take precautions in advance.


    Do not use it in public parks, when it suddenly ignites, the ignition pulse voltage of the car will generate a high level, which will easily break through the metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor of the inverter. The intelligent lighting street light controller will be injured. The correct operation method is to turn off The inverter re-ignites, wait for the car to catch fire, and then use the inverter again.

    Do not directly output, the power consumption is small and it is easy to get an electric shock.


    Using high-power inverters, solar smart street light inverters can use direct wire clip battery power, which is generally only suitable for home appliances with small power generation, otherwise it is easy to burn out automobile wiring and fuses.


    Under normal use, the input fuse of the inverter is easy to burn out. Do not change the input fuse and burn out. Replace the fuse and continue to use it, which may cause the fuse to burn out.


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